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A. animated gospel tracts the animated illustrations and depth make this great for both those who are familiar with the gospel and for those who are unfamiliar with the gospel
gospel tract A
gospel tract 1
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Illustrates the gospel and how we can know with certainty (through fulfilled prophecy, especially prophecy about Israel) that the Bible is truly from God.  
gospel tract B
gospel tract 2
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This classic IQ test puzzle leads to a powerful illustration of the gospel and how wisdom is more important than IQ!  
B. animated tracts on various biblical topics
animated tract
tract 2
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Illustration of deeper insights into the struggle between the flesh and the spirit and practical steps in how to fight temptations.  
tract 3
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Illustration of the Love Triangle and how the Holy Spirit creates a supernatural intimacy in relationships when we seek intimacy with Him first.
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Receive an announcement when a new gospel tract becomes available